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Potential Landing Spots for Carson Wentz

The Minnesota Vikings own a 1-2 record against Philadelphia Eagles teams specifically led by Carson Wentz. That Eagles-oriented win-loss will now likely cement as a Philly Separation, not of a Philly Special, is imminent.
Not long ago, hubbub existed that former head coach Doug Pederson was jettisoned because of a Wentz-themed disconnect. The new skipper, Nick Sirianni, was tasked with “fixing Wentz” or so the masses thought.

That assumption now seems incorrect.
The Wentz-to-Anywhere-but-Philly scuttlebutt has roared this weekend. The speculative frontrunner is probably an NFC North team, but when Matthew Stafford was traded last week, the Rams were not high on most lists. And then Los Angeles taught us otherwise.
Here are the most realistic trade partners for Wentz’s services.

5. Houston Texans
There is a chance that the highly-coveted deal involving Deshaun Watson centers on Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles. This is considered an underdog due to the mindset of “why on earth would the Texans swap Watson for Wentz?”
Well, it’s the draft picks, stupid. With an unholy draft pick haul and a quarterback in Wentz who was damn good a couple of years ago, perhaps new Texans general manager Nick Caserio sees a light at the end of the tunnel that Watson is exiting.

4. Carolina Panthers
Vikings ties here. Teddy Bridgewater is emphatically not the long-term answer in Carolina as evidenced by his 15 touchdown passes in 15 games this season. Here’s a tissue. That will not cut in in the 2020 or 2021 NFL.
The Panthers cannot outright cut Bridgewater this offseason unless cap suicide tickles the franchise’s fancy. His release would gut Carolina with $20 million in dead cap. Ergo, if the team is no longer thrilled with Bridgewater (they aren’t), they can trade him or use him to patch over a rookie quarterback like Tyrod Taylor did for Baker Mayfield in Cleveland or Justin Herbert in Los Angeles.

Ultimately, the Panthers are seeking a non-Bridgewater solution.
3. San Francisco 49ers
Most football heads believe Kyle Shanahan is a healthy and competent quarterback away from returning to the Super Bowl. He is championed as an offensive mastermind worldwide although his heading coach record is 29-35 (.453). It is quite odd.
So, San Francisco needs a signal-caller that is a bit more prolific and considerably healthier than Jimmy Garoppolo. Nick Mullens doesn’t fit the criterion. Neither does C.J. Beathard. The 49ers are close to a lock to host a new quarterback in 2021 as talent is peppered everywhere else on the roster. Their window is now.
The organization has budding superstars in wideouts Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk. They need a passer that can stay on the field and feed the ball to playmakers. The non-2020 edition of Wentz could feasibly do just that – if Shanahan is the offensive guru that the media suggests.
2. Indianapolis Colts
Wentz-to-Colts has been the longest-tenured rumor of the Wentz Sweepstakes – a raucous that began when the North Dakota State alumnus was unceremoniously benched for Jalen Hurts in Week 13.
This landing spot has the most organic vibe to it. Colts head coach Frank Reich offensively coordinated Wentz in Philadelphia at his youthful zenith. While Reich was in the city of Brotherly Love, Wentz was a Top 10 NFL quarterback. When Reich was granted the big job in Indianapolis thus creating a split from Wentz, the Eagles quarterback would later plunge to the NFL’s bottom rung of quarterback power rankings. It was a seismic fall from grace.
Auditioning Wentz in Indiana could work fabulously if Wentz can handle it. The Colts reached the postseason with the ghost of Philip Rivers guiding the ship. To be clear, Rivers was not bad by any means, but he could not really throw the ball longer than 35 yards, if that. He has since retired.
If one believes in a coach’s “ties to this player” (those are real), Wentz to the Colts makes more sense than any other place in the league.
1. Chicago Bears
The Bears as Wentz’s 2021 destination had tiny little legs before February 5th. Then, a growth fomented. Chicago has a long history of executing curious decisions regarding quarterback personnel, so this trade fodder caused smirks on many faces. “Of course, Chicago would sell the farm for Wentz” is a popular sentiment right now.
Jay Cutler offered some semblance of quarterback stability for eight seasons. After Cutler left town, Bears-esque choices have ensued. The team whimsically traded up in the 2017 NFL Draft while avoiding Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson at all costs – to draft Mitchell Trubisky. That “where were you when” moment will inspire laughter for generations to come.
But due to the accredited rumor mill substantiating Wentz to Chicago, this one is the current frontrunner.

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