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Refusal to delete card details : gambling

I use a popular Irish bookmaker online from time to time and have 3 debit cards stored on there, all of which have expired or been cancelled and replaced.

When I try to add my new card it says I can only have 3 cards active. When I try to delete a card it says to contact support.

Support have said that to remove a card I need to either send them a pic of the card (which I can’t to as they’re cut up and binned) or send them a copy of my bank statement showing transactions to that bookmaker. If I don’t they can’t remove the card.

Can they do this. I really don’t want to be trawling through statements to find transactions, downloading, editing and uploading statements just to have my personal card which isn’t even in use any more removed from my account. I thought it would be a breach of GDPR for a company to refuse to delete your personal details but according to them they are following anti money laundering rules.

Seems like a lot of hassle and data sharing for a simple request.

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