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Fruit Shop MegaWays™ – The game of the season for every player

After 7 long years since the first slot in this streak, NetEnt is finally launching its new slot game, the Fruit Shop MegaWays.

The game is said to be a huge improvement from the last one; it is an exceptional choice for a player who desires high volatility.

The first slot was just a step into the slot game world and offered the players a high RTP but low rewards.

But this game is something else, and what makes it stand out is the famous Megaways engine which NetEnt especially got licensed from Big Time Gaming.

What is Megaways slots?

The slot game has 6 reels and a whole lot of 117,649 Megaways! A standard setup for most slots using this engine.

But it is challenging winning in this game due to the low hit rate, but as a compensation, the game also offers you a jackpot of 10,000x and has a RTP of 96.06 %

Additional Features

Majority of the features rely on vivid symbols, many free spins and up to 10x multipliers.

Exciting changes than the normal features make it more appealing to the players. We will discuss all these features in detail later in the article.

The only way you get a spin is by selecting a bet; hence you can choose an amount ranging from $0.20 to $100.

Fruit Shop Megways with a Megaway win

The prizes tend to shift, but you must remember the number of winning ways remain uninfluenced by your choice.

After some analysation, we realise that the top rewarding combination offers 12.5x of what you have at stake.

Therefore, if you feel lucky to account for the larger numbers and evaluate, you will learn that the 10,000x jackpot is likely but difficult to trigger.

Make sure you have your lucky clover by your side.

The system

Since the slot is based on the Megaways system, it has a standard number of reels and symbols.

It has 6 columns which have between 2 and 7 symbols. While there are various mega ways, the top ceiling number is 117,649.

This makes this a regular slot based on this engine.

Free spins

Now for the interesting part, NetEnt went a step further to change up a few things. They have devised a new way to earn free spins.

Fruit shop megaways feutures

Unlike the traditional way where you require scatters, you will now require a combination of fruit symbols. This will award you with 2 -5 spins.

The slot has an overall colourful theme. It is set in the middle of a sort of field, where you can identify a forest farther away in the backdrop.

The fruits make the star of the game because Fruit Shop MegaWays, you should have guessed it already.


The symbols which you should be on a hunt for are watermelons, oranges, plums, cherries or lemons, they are the top paying.

The symbols having a lower value are Royals while a wild symbol is the only other symbol remaining. It definitely has bright graphics considering all the different fruits and Royals.

Where can you play the game?

Now that you have learned about this amazing game, you must be wondering where to play it?

Well, you can find the Fruit Shop MegaWays at all online casinos which are recommended by licensed NetEnt casinos or ones which NewSlotGames prepares ratings for.

Is it mobile friendly?

It is a mobile-friendly game, and you need not worry about having to use a desktop or laptop for playing it.

Could you play it for free?

Good news! You can. When you go to a recommended casino and press the play now option, the game is made available to you.

The Fruit Shop MegaWays is a better choice offered to players who play slot machines.

What makes it special is the new Megaways engine and the attractive design and gameplay, most games lack.

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