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How to play online casino pokies for free

Do you want to play free casino games for fun and train your “skills” or are you just wanting to try new casino games for free before you make your own bets?

Whatever your motivation, then playing online pokies for free is a great way to start.

Most casinos allow players to access their games in demo mode, which gives you a ton of different opportunities to get ahead when playing at online casinos.

You can also use this opportunity for improving a number of skills including:

  • Learning the game rules
  • Learning about in-game bonuses
  • Learning how to use the casino
  • Discovering which games are better
  • Getting in some practice

When it comes to playing games for free most casinos will provide this option. However, not all casinos will work in the same way or have the same free games available.

Some casinos will allow you to open their site and begin playing while others will require you to make an account with them first.

We have listed a number of top casinos, some you will need to sign in, others you can simply get playing right away, the choice is completely yours as to what you prefer.

New pokies:

Take the opportunity to learn about the game

When you take on a demo game, it gives you the opportunity to learn about the game on a deeper level.

By actually practising on the game, you will get to know exactly how it works and what symbols you need in order to win.

In this way, playing a game for free is not just fun, but also beneficial in the long run too.

For instance, by playing a free version of a game you can discover more about the rules that will help you get a win when using your own cash.

Taking on bonus games is also risk-free. But what it also offers is the chance to actually understand the in-game bonuses.

Especially when it comes to pokies, these games will often have a number of different bonus games available from free spins, wilds and multipliers to other slightly more complex options.

When you play the games for free you can familiarise yourself with these options, taking advantage of them when you actually come to play for real. There are other things you should be thinking about too.

Learn how to choose the perfect game

When playing a free game, you should always check out the features such as the return to player rate or RTP and payout rate.

Some pokies offer a better RTP than others. This is the theoretical return when you’ve been playing a game for an extended period of time.

Generally, you should look for slots with an RTP of 95% or above as this will give you the best chance of a win.

Think of it this way, for every NZ$100 you spend an 95% RTP will mean you will theoretically get NZ$95 back.

  • Check the RTP
  • Take a look at the paylines
  • Check how much each symbol will payout
  • Check the hit frequency

How to play for free and win real money

There’s also a way to play pokies for free and even win real money. This option comes if you take on a free spins bonus.

Many casinos will offer newcomers free spins just for signing up. If you take on these spins you need to know that they will only be eligible for the specific game listed.

If you are lucky enough to win using free spins, then the winnings will be credited to your account instantly.

However, the bonus wins will be accompanied by wagering requirements, which can include:

  • Playthrough requirements (anywhere from 10x to 70x)
  • Timeframe to meet requirements
  • A maximum bet limit
  • A minimum withdrawal amount

Mobile or desktop pokies

What’s great about playing in this day and age, is that you will be able to access free or demo games on any device.

If you choose to sign up to a casino you will be able to play their games in demo mode via their desktop.

Mobile sites also permit this, especially if you are simply using the browser version of the site.

Most games these days are created using HTML5 software so they will fit seamlessly to a tablet, phone or computer screen giving you a great gaming experience.

Casinos where you can play for free

There are a large number of online casinos where you can play for free, and these don’t need an account in order for you to get access to their games.

However, not all are created equal.

Therefore, we have carefully created a list of the best ones in order to make sure you have access to casinos that offer a safe gaming environment for you to play.

Check out our full list of online casinos where you can play games for free and do not need to make an account!

Frequently asked questions

What pokies can be played for free?

 If you are just playing in demo mode then most online pokies can be played for free. The only exceptions are the progressive jackpot pokies which you cannot play for free.

How long can I play with fake money?

Whenever you choose to play a pokie in demo mode you are given virtual cash to use. When you run out of virtual cash for that game you can move on to test out another. 

Can I play free games here on NewZealandcasinos?

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