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Guinness HD: Six Nations Rugby 2021 Live Streaming Reddit Online

Whether you’re a Six Nations supremo who has their stats sorted, or you’re still struggling to tell the difference between a loosehead and a lineout, anyone can pick their dream XV and compete for top spot throughout the Championship.You are also given a couple of tricks to keep up your sleeve, with your selection of captain double that particular player’s points total for the week, while a bonus of 20 points will also be awarded to you.Players in your team that start as a replacement for their nation will earn you half their points, while a nominated supersub will see their points tripled if they come off the bench during their real match.If the nominated supersub starts, or does not play, his points will be halved as for all of the other substitutes.Saturday, February 6 – England vs Scotland (4.45pm)Saturday, February 13 – England vs Italy (2.15pm)Saturday, February 27 – Wales vs England (4.45pm)Saturday, March 13 – England vs France (4.45pm)Saturday, March 20 – Ireland vs England (4.45pm)We are living in an age where we rely on anything and everything on the internet. Not just getting a lot of information, but also, we are dependent on the internet for entertainment. Yet we look for cheaper platforms for the dose of entertainment. Watching live TV is a great way of entertainment.There are a number of companies that are showing the live coverage of the 2021 Six Nations Rugby. Some are charged, and some are free. Read this article, and we will tell you when, where, and how to watch the Six Nations Rugby 2021 live online.If you are in the USA, then ESPN+ has you covered to watch the 2021 Six Nations Rugby. ESPN+ has added another string to its bow by acquiring the broadcasting rights to every 2021 Rugby Championship 2021.You can subscribe the ESPN+ which costs $4.99 per month, and then watch a live stream of the World Cup on your PC on, or on your mobile phone, tablet, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or another streaming device via the ESPN app.TSN is the network that shows the live telecast of the 2021 Rugby World in Canada. The live coverage of the event will be available on channels TSN2, TSN5, and online via the TSN website and TSN App.You can get the full access to the sports network coverage for a small price of Canadian $19.99 per month. You should have an account to watch the content on the channel.Australian rugby fans can watch the 2021 Six Nations Rugby on the Kayo Sports streaming service. It has no yearly contracts and also offers over 50 sports channels, both live and on-demand.The Basic Pack of Kayo sports is priced at $25 per month and allows the users to stream on two devices at once. Kayo also offers a Kayo Sports Premium Package, which can be streamed on three devices simultaneously, costing $35 per month.Rugby Fans in the UK can watch the 2021 Six Nations Rugby on Sky Sports. The channel has acquired the telecast rights to the Rugby Championship. You will require a subscription to watch it on the box. To watch it on your mobile phones, you need to download the Sky Go app.You can also stream the Sky Sports coverage live via NOW TV, which offers attractive limited-time passes for Sky Sports starting at £8.99 per day and £14.99 a week.Reddit is a better way to watch live TV. It is free, and there are a lot of links or subreddits of the 2021 Rugby World cup. One has to register with the Reddit to get access to the links. Search and choose the right links which a free of any threats and ads.
The 2021 edition of the Rugby Six Nations will be the twentieth contest between six of Europe’s national rugby teams. England, France, Wales, Scotland, Italy, and Ireland will duke it out for the Rugby championship. The Irish come into the Rugby Six Nations 2021 as the reigning champions and they have continued to ride a hot streak throughout 2019. Moreover, watch Rugby Six Nations live stream online. The England and Wales teams are surging and will be tough opponents in each fixture. Round one will get underway on February 1-2, 2020 with contests between France and Wales, Scotland and Italy, and Ireland and England. The competition will conclude on March 20th, 2020 taking place on Super Saturday. The Rugby 6 Nations will conclude with highly anticipated fixtures between Italy and France, Wales and Ireland, and England and Scotland. Rugby fans from each nation will pack the seats for this five-round affair. If you cannot attend the fixtures, then make sure you know exactly where you can watch the action.
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Six Nations 2021

Start Date
1st February

End Date
20th March


Live Stream

2020 Winner

Many sports channels have made a dedicated effort to provide all-access coverage to the Rugby Six Nations. Networks such as Fox Sports, NBC Sports, and Sky Sports offer coverage in their respective countries. Many countries throughout Europe, North America, and other regions of the world have their own broadcast partner to air every game live. If you do not have access to a TV screen, then you can stream the fixtures with the help of a few convenient apps. If any channels are unavailable in your viewing area, then a VPN could do the trick. There are several options you can explore to watch the live streaming of the Rugby Six Nations 2020 online. Here you will get all kinds of
streaming guide for SIX NATIONS 2021
Each of the 6 Nations has their own streaming services that give rugby fans access to watch every game live. For residents of England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France, and Italy, these services provide a convenient manner to watch their team. The services are free and can be connected to a plethora of devices such as a Roku, Smart TV, PC, Mac, Chromecast, and others. For those who live outside these six countries, these services will not be accessible to watch the fixtures. Not to worry, the popularity of the Six Nations has spread around the globe and countries who are not participants have streaming services available.
Next Events

Date & Time

Italy v France
Saturday , Feb 62:15pm
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England v Scotland
Saturday, Feb 64:45pm
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Wales v Ireland
Sunday, Feb 73:00pm
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Six Nations Live Streaming Official Channels
Each of the six countries that compete in the Rugby Six Nations championship has its own channels to live stream every fixture. Each has widespread coverage including replays of past fixtures, Six Nations highlights, interviews, and the latest rugby news. The United Kingdom has two broadcast partners to provide coverage of the fixtures. BBC and ITV each have the rights to broadcast live streams of games, and the games are split amongst the two channels in the United Kingdom. Wales provides coverage of the action with S4C, DMAX operates in Italy, France.TV broadcasts games in France and TV3 (otherwise known as Virgin Media) handles the live streams in Ireland.

The list of broadcast partners that represent each country is listed on the official Six Nations Rugby website. The list of partners includes NBC Sports Network, Bein Sports, Arena Sports, Ziggo Sport, Nova Sport, and several others. Altogether, there are 27 official broadcast partners listed on the official Six Nations Rugby website.
For fans living in the United Kingdom, Six Nations Rugby will be available to live stream on BBC One. In addition to coverage of every round, BBC contains video of fixtures from past Six Nations Rugby. You can replay full fixtures dating back over a decade all the way back to 2007. Relive some of the biggest moments in 6 Nations history and scroll through some iconic rugby photographs. To watch all Six Nations Rugby fixtures online free of charge, all that is required is a TV license.
Rugby fans living in the United Kingdom can also live stream Six Nations Rugby through use of ITV. Not only is live coverage of fixtures available on ITV, but extensive coverage such as highlights, photos, and interviews can be viewed. Stay up to date on all the latest news coverage surrounding the fixtures and the biggest stars of the game. Users may need to sign in to the ITV Hub before tuning in to each fixture’s live stream.
France.TV sport gives French citizens all access to live stream Six Nations Rugby fixtures and a plethora of past highlights from the greatest Six Nations rugby moments. Stream fixtures live or watch full replays if you were unable to watch them live. Stay updated on the standings and the upcoming schedule when logging on to sport to live stream all Six Nations Rugby content.
DMAX is the go to for Italian residents to live stream coverage of Six Nations Rugby. Watch all fixtures live, stay up to date on the latest news, view commentary on fixtures, and read articles surrounding the championship. Once Italian rugby fans sign in to DMAX, they will have an abundance of Six Nations Rugby updates in addition to the live stream of the fixtures.
There is an ongoing transition for the coverage rights of Six Nations Rugby in Ireland. TV3 recently gained rights for coverage of the championship and the days of RTE coverage will soon be over. The scheduled 2020 fixtures, standings, and rugby news can still be found on RTE, but full coverage and livestream of Six Nations rugby has switched to TV3. Live stream and full coverage of the fixtures from every round for Irish residents can be accessed on TV3.
Rugby fans in Wales have access to live stream and all their rugby news on S4C. In addition, to live stream of each fixture of the RBS 6 Nations, Wales residents have access to extensive highlights and interviews from some of the biggest stars of the game.
NBC Sports
There may not be an American team in the Rugby Six Nations, but American residents can still tune in to watch the action. NBC Sports offers live stream of each fixture and highlights from previous contests. NBC Sports viewers can purchase the Rugby Pass which will give them access to rugby events throughout the year including the Guinness Six Nations Rugby.
Rugby Six Nations Live Stream Online Channels
There are several online streaming services you can utilize to live stream all the games and watch every fixture of the competition live. NBC Sports has the official license to broadcast 6 Nations in the United States. If your online streaming service has NBC Sports Network, then you can connect your device to enjoy every game. Some services allow you to stream multiple devices so you can watch on your TV, computer, or phone. Review the details about each streaming service to determine the best one for you.

247 TV Stream
247 TV stream is a wonderful option to watch Six Nations Rugby since it includes ITV, BBC, NBC Sports Network and over 200+ sports channels. You can subscribe only for $40 with 40% discount offer valid until today.
FuboTV is a wonderful option to watch Six Nations since it includes NBC Sports Network and over 70 total channels. If you are unsure that FuboTV is right for you, then you can try a 7-day trial to try it out. You can stream two devices at once and can live stream from devices such as a Roku or Chromecast.
Sling TV
SlingTV offers a versatile array of options to live stream Six Nations and at a great price. SlingTV has the orange and blue package as individual packages starting at $25/month. You can combine the two packages for $40/month and can add bundles for $5/month extra. NBC Sports Network is a part of the Sling Blue package so you can watch Six Nations for only $25/month.
DirecTV Now
You can live stream NBC Sports Network for $40/month with the Live a Little plan. This basic plan comes with over 65 channels and you can stream at two devices at the same time. There is a one-week trial with DirecTV Now to try it out before making a monthly commitment. If you cannot watch the fixture live, then record it with 20 hours of DVR storage to enjoy later.
PlayStation Vue
PlayStation Vue allows you to stream up to five devices at once and offers an extensive amount of DVR storage. The basic package is the Access Plan which is $44.99/month and you can enjoy a five-day trial to test it out before making a commitment. NBC Sports Network is included with this basic package so you can enjoy 6 Nations action.
Hulu with Live TV
Hulu with Live TV is $39.99/month and includes NBC Sports Network to live stream all Six Nations fixtures. There are over 50 channels available which includes numerous sports stations in addition to NBC Sports Network. A free trial is available to give Hulu with Live TV a test run.
YouTube TV
YouTube TV offers over 60 channels at $40/month with NBC Sports Network being included in the package. It offers unlimited DVR storage so you will never have to worry about missing a fixture of the Six Nations Championship. YouTube TV allows you to stream up to three devices at one time.
How to Watch RBS Six Nations Live with VPN
A VPN will allow you to watch any of the previously mentioned streaming sources on your device regardless of location. Often, there are geographical restrictions based on your location and which streaming service you decide to use. For instance, trying to watch NBC Sports outside of the United States will not work since your IP address is in a region outside your viewing boundaries. A VPN resolves that issue and allows you to watch your service outside your geographical boundaries.
VPN Setup Process

Choose a VPN Service
Add your VPN’s connection to your device
Turn on your VPN when you connect to WIFI
Connect the VPN every time you join a new network

ExpressVPN is one of the most trusted VPN’s in the world. It has gained a solid reputation due to its fast speeds lack of restrictions, and the security protection it provides. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.
NordVPN is a highly reputable VPN that is trusted by several establishments listed on their website. Their plans start at $2.99 per month and they have a 30-day guarantee. With NordVPN, you can protect all your devices and can gain a strong connection in many countries.
IPVanish is a highly recommended VPN which provides fast, private connections on a multitude of devices. You have a secure internet connection that can bypass restrictions. They offer a 7-day money-back guarantee for their plans.
Why Use VPN to Watch 6 Nations Rugby Live?
If you do not have access to a private network and want to watch Six Nations, then a VPN can protect your data regardless of your location. In addition to having a secure network, you ensure the ability to watch the live stream of your choice. If you live outside the countries of the Six Nations but wish to watch fixtures on one of the country’s streaming service, then a VPN will allow you to do so.

For Mobile User (iPad or iPhone)
If you cannot access a TV to watch the Six Nations Rugby, then you can resort to watching it on your mobile device. There are several apps that provide the option of watching the action on an iPad or iPhone. You may need to download multiple apps depending on the teams you wish to watch, but the apps are free of charge. If you are always on the go and cannot get in front of the TV, then an app might be for you.
BBC iPlayer
BBC iPlayer is needed if you wish to download and live stream the fixtures that are aired on BBC One. If the fixture you wish to watch is not being aired on BBC, then you will need to find a different app to live stream it. If you miss the game for any reason, you can always download it and watch it later on your mobile device.
The process to operate ITV Hub is nearly identical to that of BBC iPlayer. If the game you wish to watch is broadcasted by ITV, then you will be able to find the game in the channel selection on ITV Hub. Select the correct live TV program you wish to watch while streaming the app and you should have no problem viewing the live stream of the fixture on your iPad or iPhone.
American citizens not only have an option to watch the Six Nations from the comfort of their home, but on the road as well. ESPN has a variety of sports available for live stream and the addition of Guinness Six Nations makes it easier for Americans to enjoy the fixtures across the pond.
Other Free Streaming
There are rugby dedicated websites that allow you to live stream the RBS 6 Nations on many devices. Live Stream Rugby provides sites that allow you to stream fixtures from the top events in the world including Six Nations. Therugbychannel. TV is great for American fans and it allows you to stream games no matter your location. Foxtel is a similar service that requires a subscription, but allows you to stream rugby games for free.
Everything you need to know about 6 Nations
The Six Nations Rugby is an annual competition between the rugby teams of England, Ireland, France, Italy, Wales, and Scotland. The Rugby 6 Nations is the eventual succession of the formerly known home 6 Nations which was established in 1883.
Six Nation Rugby Teams
The Home 6 Nations Rugby, which was formed in 1883, originally pitted England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales against each other. This was the first-ever international rugby competition in the world. France was added to the mix in 1910 to form the Five Nations Rugby. Italy was the last to join in 2000 to give the Six Nations its current form. Within the sphere of these six teams, there are heated rivalries and trophies are annually on the line between two of them. Except for Italy, all the competing teams have hosted the Rugby World Cup which pits the best teams around the world against one another.
England has competed in 122 tournaments and they have been the most successful team in the annual competition. They have won the tournament 28 times in history and have the most championships since the formation of the Six Nations in 2000. They have never won the wood spoon award which is given to the team that finishes the competition in last place. They are winners of the 2016 and 2017 Rugby Six Nations Championship.
France has competed in 88 tournaments and they have had a considerable amount of success taking home 17 Championship (3rd most of the Six Nations). It has been a while since they took home the title with their last championship coming in 2010. They had enormous success in the early 2000s when they won four out of Six Nations Championship from 2002 to 2007. They have only won the wooden spoon one time since the addition of Italy to the competition in 2000.
The Ireland national rugby union is the reigning champs of the competition and they will look to repeat to add to their 14 total championships. Ireland has been the most successful team in recent history taking home three of the past five Six Nations from 2014 to 2018. The Irish team mightily struggled in the past since they have the most wooden spoon awards with 28. They have not finished in last place in the competition since 1998.
Italy is the newest member of the competition joining the fray in 2000, but they have yet to win a Rugby Six Nations. The competition has been brutal for Italy since they joined as they have the most wooden spoon awards in that timeframe. They have finished in last place 13 times since their arrival in 2000 and came in last place in 2018.
Scotland has 15 championships over the 124 tournaments they have competed in, but it has been a long time since they have found success in the Six Nations. Their last championship was in 1999 and they have won the wooden spoon four times since their last championship. Star player Stuart Hogg has been named the player of the tournament two of the past three competitions.
Wales has been the second most successful team in the competition and they are second to only England with their 26 championships. The Welsh last won the title in 2013 when they capped off back to back Six Nations Championship. Wales has the fewest wooden spoon awards of the four original squads from the Home Nations championship.

2020 Venues
The venues for each team in the competition are substantial in size and can field rowdy crowds upwards of tens of thousands of people. The stadiums for each team are some of the largest stadiums in their respective countries and some of them in all of Europe. The popularity of the Rugby Six Nations has swelled to the extent to where the competition had to move from their previous smaller venues or a new stadium had to be constructed altogether.
Twickenham Stadium (England)
Twickenham Stadium is the largest stadium in the competition with a seating capacity of 82,000. Located in London, it has hosted numerous events including rugby fixtures, concerts, and football games. Twickenham is the second-largest stadium in the United Kingdom and the fourth largest in all of Europe. It has hosted the Rugby World Cup on three occasions(1991, 1999, 2015) and the World Rugby Museum is stored inside the facility.
Stade de France (France)
Stade de France is the most prestigious stadium in France with a seating capacity of 80,698. Located just north of Paris, it is the largest stadium in France and the eighth largest in all of Europe. The stadium is used for France’s national football and rugby teams, and it has hosted many international competitions. It is the only stadium in the world to hold the prestigious honor of having hosted a FIFA World Cup and a Rugby World Cup. Stade de France can add Olympics to the list when Paris is the host in 2024.
Principality Stadium (Wales)
Formerly known as the Millennium Stadium, Principality Stadium is the most well-known stadium in Wales. Located in Cardiff, it has a seating capacity of 74,500 and has the unique feature of having a retractable roof. Principality Stadium is the second largest stadium in the world to have this feature. It was one of the hosts for the 1999 Rugby World Cup and is the home of the Wales rugby team. It has hosted other events such as concerts and football contests in addition to rugby fixtures.
Stadio Olimpico (Italy)
Stadio Olimpico is the largest stadium in Rome and it has a seating capacity of 70,634. It is primarily used for Italian football matches, but it is used for rugby fixtures and other athletic events. It hosted the 1990 FIFA World Cup and has hosted several high-profile football contests. It was the host of the 1960 Summer Olympics before it underwent extensive renovations decades later. The stadium has hosted high-profile events such as concerts in addition to athletic events.
Murrayfield Stadium (Scotland)
Murrayfield Stadium is the largest stadium in Scotland with a seating capacity of 67,144, but it is the second smallest of the stadiums used for the Six Nations. Located in Edinburgh, it is the home of the Scottish rugby team and has hosted many high-profile rugby fixtures. It has hosted other events such as football matches, American football games, and concerts. Murrayfield Stadium hosted Rugby World Cup fixtures in 1991, 1999, and 2007.
Aviva Stadium (Ireland)
Aviva Stadium is the smallest stadium in the RBS Six Nations with a seating capacity of 51,700. It replaced the former Lansdowne Road Stadium in Dublin, Ireland. The stadium is the home of the Irish rugby team and football team. The stadium opened in 2010 and has hosted many notable rugby and football fixtures. Aviva Stadium has hosted American football and will be one of the stadiums utilized for the UEFA European championship in 2020.

The two sponsors for the 2020 Six Nations Rugby are Guinness and Tissot. From 2004 to 2017, the Royal Bank of Scotland sponsored the competition and their branch Natwest was the sponsor for one year.
The Championship Trophy is given to the winner of the competition. In addition to the Six Nations Trophy, there are several rivalry trophies. The Calcutta Cup is given to the winner of England-Scotland, the Millennium Trophy is awarded to England-Ireland, the Centenary Quaich is presented to the winner of Ireland-Scotland, the Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy is awarded to the France-Italy winner, and the Auld Alliance Trophy is given to the France-Scotland winner. Other awards include the Grand Slam (when a team wins all games in the competition) and the Triple Crown (when one of the original four nations beats the other three).
Tickets for individual fixtures can be purchased online at a variety of retailers. Viagogo and StubHub have tickets available for resale at all six venues, but some games have a low amount of tickets remaining. The official Six Nations rugby website has contact information to reach each team’s organization to inquire about tickets.
The defending champs have looked superb throughout 2018 and it does not look like the Irish train can be stopped going into the 2020 competition. They only lost one game to Australia in all of 2019 and will be the odds-on favorite to take home their second straight championship. England and Wales are nipping at the heels of the Irish and will be the closet contenders to snatch the crown away. Wales had a strong finish to 2018. France and Scotland struggled in 2018 but will look to play sleeper in 2020. Italy has not secured a victory in the Six Nations since 2015.
Although there might be a strong push from Wales and a resurgent England to make amends for their poor 5th place showing last year, Ireland will not be denied a second straight championship. A possible slip up is possible to a hungry Wales or England squad, but it is hard to imagine this Irish team to suffer defeat more than one time.
Champion: Ireland
Wooden Spon: Italy
Final Thoughts
The 2020 Six Nations Rugby is sure to be another epic display of rugby that will leave fans on the edge of their seats. Even though there is a heavy favorite in this year’s edition, that does not mean the competition will be any less fierce. As the countdown to the first round draws near, the tension builds for every team to get off to a great start.

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