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Pakistanis honor missing mountaineer Ali Sadpara

Karachi: Pakistanis on Twitter paid tribute to renowned mountaineer Ali Sadpara who went missing during his winter K2 ascent last week. 
Taking to the social site, scores of Twitter users honored the missing mountaineer and still awaits a miracle for his safe return. People highlighted how Gilgit/Baltistan-hailed Sadpara hoisted Pakistan’s flag at different highest peaks in the world.

This Brave Mountain Man wanted a school for children in his village. It was his dream to see all the children in village going to schools. Gem Ali Sadpara deserves All the respect and honour.#HonourAliSadpara
— Zahid Alam (@ZaahidAlam) February 9, 2021

LOVED by everyone, HATED by none! That’s our hero M. Ali Sadpara.#HonourAliSadpara#alisadpara
— Syed Azhar Dashman #HonourAliSadpara (@sa_dashman) February 9, 2021

All he wants is to see the green flag on the top.#HonourAliSadpara
— Zahid Ali 🇵🇰 (@me_zahidaly) February 9, 2021

The man who won the hearts of all the people all over the world but he was failed to Get the attention of the country whose flag he raised at the peaks of 8 highest peaks in the world.Pakistan failed to recognise you we are sorry Ali Sadpara #HonourAliSadpara
— Zahid Alam (@ZaahidAlam) February 9, 2021

He had so much dreams 💔#HonourAliSadpara
— MAتMEئN 🇵🇰 (@MAMEN67733131) February 9, 2021

The real lover of Green Flag.Pakistan is proud of you.We are proud of you.#HonourAliSadpara #Ali_sadpara
— Sarah Amyn (@sarah_amyn5) February 9, 2021

The real lover of Green Flag.Pakistan is proud of you.We are proud of you.#HonourAliSadpara #Ali_sadpara
— Sarah Amyn (@sarah_amyn5) February 9, 2021

smiling face of the unique person,#HonourAliSadpara
— itx_Salman_Khan (@SkAns_Says) February 9, 2021

Our hero.#HonourAliSadpara
— Mishal Shabbir (@ganishkutz01) February 9, 2021

K2 has made him a permanent guest. Adios, Sadpara, the son of mountains, looks he will stay there forever.
— jabir hassan (@jabirhasn) February 9, 2021

The only man with zero Haters!
Saddest thing is he also had least support and least number of sponsorship when he was struggling to make his dreams come true.#HonourAliSadpara
— Zahid Alam (@ZaahidAlam) February 9, 2021

It must be noted here that Sadpara had climbed eight out of the world’s 14 highest peaks. This was his second attempt to climb K2 in winter along with his team members including his son Sajid Sadpara, Iceland’s John Snorri, and Chile’s MP Mohr.
Sajid had returned to the base camp from 8,000m after suffering from breathing issues but Ali, Snorri, and Mohr continued the summit. Sajid claimed that his father and team completed the summit and went missing on their return.
A rescue operation by Pakistan Army is underway to locate the missing mountaineers amid bad weather. Meanwhile, the nation still awaits a miracle for Sadpara and the team’s safe return.
Read: No trace found of missing Sadpara, two others on Day 2 of aerial search
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