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Patrick Mahomes scrambled for nearly 500 yards on a toe already scheduled for surgery

YOU try running with turf toe while being chased by large, violent men for three hours.Image: Getty ImagesStill want to remove Patrick Mahomes from your GOAT list? Consider the circumstances first.Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported today that Mahomes will have foot surgery tomorrow after playing with turf toe for weeks. On Sunday morning, Rapoport revealed that the quarterback was expected to have surgery after the Super Bowl. Now we know it will happen sooner rather than later.G/O Media may get a commissionMahomes first injured his toe in the divisional round matchup against the Cleveland Browns. In that same game, the 2018 MVP suffered a concussion and left the field in the third quarter.He was back the next week and looked great in the AFC Championship. Mahomes even said his toe was feeling a “lot better” going into Super Sunday. But you saw him in the game, right? Hobbling around in the second half and running away from defenders. Clearly, he was not 100 percent — and neither was his offensive line. And apparently, that’s enough for some pundits to declare Mahomes’ GOAT chase over at age 25. Um, I don’t think so and neither does Deadspin’s Donovan Dooley. Perhaps the most unbelievable stat from Sunday’s game is how Mahomes ran nearly 500 yards BEFORE passing or getting sacked. With a bad toe, might I add once more.He also ran for 33 yards forward on five carries. Fortunately, Mahomes and his toe should be able to make a full recovery after tomorrow’s surgery. He’ll be back for a revenge tour in 2021. Healthy, rested, and ready to prove the pundits wrong. .

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