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Trump defense attorney Bruce Castor mixes up Georgia pol Brad Raffensperger with Ben Roethlisberger as the most awesome trainwreck stumbles on

One wears a tie, the other a helmet.Illustration: APDonald Trump’s lawyer, Babblin’ Bruce Castor, has had a rough week.First his opening in Trump’s impeachment trial was either his first nervous steps into the land of stand-up comedy, or just the ramblings of an utterly lost lawyer. Or both. He was so bad Trump was reportedly losing his shit over his performance.Then on Friday, Clueless Castor made a fool of himself all over again.Standing on the Senate floor once again, Castor referred to the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, as Steelers quarterback “Ben Roethlisberger.”I’m not making this up.G/O Media may get a commissionTalk about mixing sports and politics.I’m not sure how that happened. Is Castor a massive closet Steelers fan that’s too mentally preoccupied with the future of his quarterback position, or did a paralegal write the wrong name on a piece of paper and Castor has no idea who Roethlisberger is? I need the backstory here. This was truly an instance of hilarious buffoonery. Clearly it wasn’t just a slip of the tongue as Castor kept right on going. After double checking and triple checking my information, however, it is apparent that Ben Roethlisberger does in fact not hold public office. This defense, like Big Ben’s end to the 2020 season, is a mess. .

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