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How to bet in-play from Australia : gambling

Having lived in Australia for a few years, I had a huge frustration when looking to bet in-play.

For context, the government brought in a bill in 2001 allowing in-play bets over the phone only. Sportsbooks caught up quickly, by creating an open phone line for customer to click into from their mobile while placing bets as normal. However, since 2016 these have been outlawed meaning it’s notoriously difficult to get an in-play bet on.

Well the answer could come in crypto betting. It’s not illegal to sign up and bet – in fact all the risk is taken on by the operator themselves. So it’s worth trying out if you’re missing the in-play thrill.

The development of these sportsbooks has accelerated greatly in recent years. Operators like Cloudbet, Sportsbet and Stake now offer a really nice experience and can free you from the shackles of the government’s silly rules.

Crypto is huge news at the moment, and crypto gambling is a great real life use case for the decentralised currency.

Any Aussies out there who use this method already?

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