Put a mask on, Tom Brady

Despite having family members nearly die due to COVID-19, Tom Brady continues to go maskless, Image: Getty ImagesTom Brady has won so many Lombardi Trophies that he just doesn’t seem to care anymore. It must be like being so rich that you can have whatever and however many cars you want, and just hand the keys to your McLaren to your teenager. After all, if something happens to it, it’s not a big deal – you have another one in the offsite air hanger that you use as a garage. Brady also apparently has never been drunk before. Doing his best college-kid-on-spring-break-in-Florida impression, he appeared quite sauced during the Super Bowl celebratory boat race thing that they decided to do in Tampa Bay. So much so, in fact, that he decided to chuck the Lombardi Trophy from his boat to a waiting Rob Gronkowski on another boat. I could write a dumb joke about “oh look, another Super Bowl touchdown pass from Brady to Gronk,” but I won’t. So played out.While it’s all fun and games to joke about his carelessness with a trophy, it’s also complete and total bullshit that there wasn’t a single mask to be seen. Apparently, he’s as careless with the trophy as he is with COVID. His father was in a life-and-death battle with COVID, and his mother is a cancer survivor. Brady’s father recently said that he wants his son to wear a mask more often. Apparently, Tom didn’t feel like listening to his father, as exemplified by not only his boat party shenanigans, but also by him arriving for the Super Bowl without wearing a mask. Oh, and that time he didn’t wear one after the NFC Championship Game. Or the time he got busted for not wearing one at Bucs’ workouts.Brady has demonstrated, continuously, that he is living in his own little world, doing whatever he damn well pleases, detached and unbothered by social issues, racism, the health of the community he lives in, and the health of his own family. Read the room, Tom. Your dad almost dies. Your mom is high risk. Wear a damn mask. .

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